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Hydraulic Vertical Three Position Pipe End Machine

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KSK- pipe end processing machine series - three position pipe end forming machine (shift position)

the function of the machine:
1 KSK-III three stations pipe end forming machine is a specialized semi-automatic equipment for processing flaring and necking,making hom mouths and convex of the pipeend air conditioners water heaters refrigerators and cooling. 
2 This machine applies logic control or (PLC)control, with low cost, simple construction ,easy operation ,stable motion ,precise process, good consistency, convenient adjustment and high production efficiency. 
3 It is currently the cost-effective product for the process of the refrigeration pipe, pine-end forming , nozzle process and shaping, which is with high automatic level too.
main parameter
1 Max pipe diameter 25mm(Cu,Al&steel) 9 Max processing capacity 2500KG  
2 Max  thickness 2mm 10 Max deviation of coaxiality ≤0.1mm  
3 Longest processing 1100mm 11 Drive mode hydraulicservo  
4 shortest processing 80mm 12      
5 Station 3 13 Max deviation of processingdepth ≤0.5mm  
6 Processing way Cold extrusion 14 Die stroke 110mm  
7 Machining efficiency 7-10 sec 15 Power AC380V   50HZ  
8 Control way Guangzhou CNC PLC 16 Total power 3.5KW  
7 Feeding way Automatic feeding and unloading (artificial discharge and hopper) 16 Hydraulic motor power 2.2KW