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Three Dimensional CNC Pipe Bender

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SKW-13 CNC bending machine

the function of the machine:
1 The SKW-13-600 numerical control pipe bending machine is a specialized processing equipment for auto 3D bending pipes into shape,with the series of SKW-13-R1-R2, SKW-19-R1-R2,SKW-25-R1-R2,SKW-38-R1-R2,SKW-50-R1-R2 which own three kinds of machine of single mode,double mode and triple mode.
2 It adopts imported CNC numerical control system and is equited with Mitsubishi servo system to set parameter and switch operation.
3 It can input X,Y, Z coordinates,achieve  YBC switching,and use UG to program,fill the vacancy and copy.It also has the function of X,Y,Z failure warning indicating the fault’s location,which is convenient to understand ,learn and operate,and is able to save more than three hundred sets of product datas.
4 This machine has good stability and repeatability and can manufacture products of high precision,and it also can feed and unload materials automatically and safely.
main parameter
1 Max.Bending capacity 13mm X 2mm (Cu&Al) 10 Accuracy of spatial rotating axis 0-±0.05°  
2 Max.bending radius R80 11 Angle of bending axis 0-±200°  
3 Min bending radius R10 12 Speed of bending axis 180°/1.5sec  
4 Max.length of the work piece 1800mm(extensible) 13 Accuracy of bending axis ±0.05°  
5 Distance of straight feeding axis 0-1200mm 14 Max.bending speed  2sec/bend  
6 Speed ofstraight feeding 0-1200mm/sec 15 Power supply three phase and four wire 380V±10%/50Hz  
7 Accuracy of straight feeding ±0.05mm 16 Air source pressure 0.4-0.6MPa  
8 Angle of spatial rotating axis 0-±360° 17 Total power 1.5W   
9 Speed of spatial rotating axis 0-±500°/sec        
SKW-13 CNC bending machine
Quotation: 16,800 USD    FOB 
Delivery time: 2 month.
Payment condition: 40% By TT for advanced payment, 60% By TT
KSK- pipe end processing machine series - three position pipe end forming machine (shift position)
Quotation: 19,500 USD    FOB  
Delivery time: 2 month.
Payment condition: 40% By TT for advanced payment, 60% By TT