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Technical requirements for numerically controlled screw press


  1. The function of the equipment and the basic configuration of the spinning machine is mainly used for pipe rolling of copper pipe, to necking and sealing purpose, in addition to the workpiece by the artificial feeding hopper is responsible for, the remaining processes are done by the machine, automatic spinning tube forming; the equipment control system using two-dimensional CNC (namely X, Y axis) control system, mainly composed of a machine frame, power spinning spindle, 2D platform (or three claw rotating head), composed of core tailstock, hydraulic system and electric control system.
  2. Related parameters of processing copper tube:



Diameter and wall thickness of machined copper tube(mm)

φ30,thickness≤1,Fit the fixture

copper tube Length(L)Machining range(mm)


Compression pressure of finished products(Mpa)

After sealing the workpiece, it is filled with 3 Mpa compressed air, and no deformation or split leakage occurs within 3 minutes

Requirements for surface processing quality of copper tube

Workpiece bending part and surface does not appear crack, wrinkle, scratches and other phenomena, smooth surface, no burr

  1. Technical parameters and requirements of main parts of equipment:





Gas pressure


numerical control system

Taiwan delta CNC system is adopted

Electronic control system

CNC control

X axis travel

200 mm

X axis positioning accuracy


X axis speed


Y axis  stroke

100 mm

Y axis positioning accuracy


Y axis speed


Up and down way

In addition to artificial anticipate hopper, the rest of the process equipment automatically completed

Processing station

1 end

Processing mode

Spin cold rolling

Operation mode

Automatic, manual and inching

clamping system

Hydraulic air core rotary cylinder

Hydraulic system pressure


production efficiency

1 terminal /15 seconds (phi 19)


4、Spinning machine configuration and requirements

The rotary press is mainly composed of a frame, a power clamping device, a two-dimensional spinning platform or a three jaw rotary head, a fixed core tailstock, a hydraulic system, an electric control system, etc..


The frame consists of a material welded, welding structure must be used to eliminate the stress process, the vibration aging treatment after the whole processing to ensure rigidity and installation precision of safety door can be moved manually, spinning parts door must cover equipment, spinning parts of the side mounted with fluorescent lighting, independent control switch. The parts of the equipment should be processed according to the actual working conditions and working environment, such as electroplating, blackening, carburizing and spray painting. Installation of pre storage hopper, the hopper of the workpiece storage capacity of not less than 20, with automatic workpiece loading and unloading delivery cylinder (end of the workpiece has been spinning can also realize the automatic loading and unloading), the feeding movement must guarantee the smooth and reliable air cylinder, solenoid valve and three conjoined with Taiwan imported brand.

4.2、Power clamping device

The spindle speed is 2800 rpm, the clamping device adopts high-speed hollow rotary cylinder, the replacement of different fixtures, can adapt to the phi 12.7mm- Phi 30mm copper pipe clamp, motor with Bell and other brands, the brand of Taiwan Delta inverter.

4.3、Two-dimensional spinning platform

Two spinning platform consists of X axis platform and Y axis platform, spinning device can adopt three claw spinning or sidewall spinning, spinning mold with smooth surface of the spinning wheel spinning (non ball type), spinning wheel life must be more than 10000 times, can prolong the service life of the spinning wheel by RE polishing treatment, X and Y axis platform is composed of a bottom plate, side type precision linear guide, ball screw and servo motor and servo driver and other components, to achieve arbitrary displacement installed in the plane spinning die, X axis stroke is 200mm, Y axis trip 100mm, linear guide and ball screw with Taiwan brand, servo motor and servo driver with delta brand, spinning equipment must be equipped with cutting and chamfering, cutting length, chamfer dimension and angle can be conveniently adjusted, must ensure that the copper tube cut off The end face and the chamfering face can not be burr, and the spinning part and the chamfering part are provided with a blowing device to remove the copper lock.

4.4、Tailstock with fixed core

The core tailstock plays the core role of the workpiece to ensure the shrinkage of inside diameter size of brass parts, positioning core rod must be replaced conveniently, according to the inner diameter of the copper pipe processing of different type, precision linear guide, positioning the core rod must ensure that the copper tube necking part inner surface is smooth, not wrinkled, scraping the bad phenomenon flower, burr etc..

4.5、Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system adopts the integral oil tank, and the air cooling system is arranged to ensure that the oil temperature of the system is not greater than 55 DEG C, and the oil circuit adopts energy-saving design. The hydraulic valve and the hydraulic pump adopt the brand of solid and liquid.

4.6、Electronic control system

The whole machine detection system is complete, with X, Y axis origin detection and limit alarm function. The total control box switch by Fuji in Japan or France Schneider brand, the main electrical components intermediate relay using OMRON products, proximity switches and other electronic components can be detected by South Korea Otto Nicks or rock and other brands, the servo system of Yingweiteng or Taiwan Delta: servo motor and servo controller, the control circuit should be equipped with overload protection function. The electrical components are installed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, and a reliable grounding device, electrical box terminal, contactor and small air switch using VDE standard V type groove installation, all electrical components are clearly identified within the cabinet, the full plastic comb hole slot cabinet cloth line, line is clear; the control panel is neat, clear and easy to read subtitles signs. The operation panel uses two axis CNC controller, display with 5.7 "blue LCD display, the keyboard can be stored in the integration of anti fouling, 200 user files; the equipment control system with automatic counting function, can accurately count the number of processing.


  1. A complete set of instructions and maintenance manuals, drawings of easily damaged parts.
  2. Responsible for personnel operation and maintenance training.
  3. Equipment warranty for one year, life-long maintenance.