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Piercing Mill & Roller & Molybdenum plug

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Billet piercing is the most important deforming process in the production of seamless pipe hot rolling. It aims to pierce the solid billet into shell.We mainly produce Mannesmann piercing mill and horizontal cope type piercing mill.Mannesmann piercing mill is widely used nowadays because it needs low investment and short period of installation and commissioning, and has the features of flexible production and simple operation.The characteristics of horizontal cope type piercing mill are high precision of shell geometer sizes, big elongating coefficient, better concentricity and even wall thickness, higher productivity and better piercing process than Mannesmann piercing mill. It also needs lower investment compared with vertical cope type piercing mill. Horizontal cope type piercing mill is advanced nowadays.We can manufacture various kinds of piercing mill ranging Ф50 ~Ф330 mm.