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This Annexure 1 is titled as “Purchase Agreement” and it forms an integral part of our Purchase Order Number 17 Dated 10-01-2017 Revision Status: 00

Part A

I } Parties to this Purchase Agreement:


This Purchase Agreement has been arrived at on 13th of Jan 2018 between the three Parties described as under -

  1. The Buyer: M/s Yoganand Autocomp Pvt. Ltd., a company registered in India located at Plot No. D-86 MIDC Supa, District Ahmednagar, State of Maharashtra in India, bearing CIN Number U28931MH2010PTC198259 (Hereinafter referred to as the Buyer in this Contract)
  2. The Seller: M/s Beijing Heng Hui Xiang Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd., a company registered in China located at Building No.10.1-302. No.220, Xing Hua Middle Street,Tong Zhou District, BeiJing, in the PR of China Zip Code 101102, bearing Business License Number 110112013977564 Hereinafter referred to as the Seller in this Contract)
  3. The Manufacturer: Foshan city Shunde District Kuaiermei Electromechanical Equipment Co. Ltd    the company located Guang dong provience .

No. 12Xin Long Industrial Zone , Ronggui Long Yong Kou Cun Wei Hui Shunde District , Foshan city. Business License Number : 91440606576434610J


II} Details of this Purchase Agreement

Seller has agreed and confirmed to sell DG4-320KW/NC high frequency (4.75KHZ) DC servo motor, step feeding, Longmen inverter step by step welding machine with 4 sets of cylinder and DG-70/80NC-H, Automatic feeding rack with random stepping, Front and rear movable plate welding die, Wire drawing magnetic suction plate, and Chromium zirconium copper electrode welding plate as per drawing, to together form a complete Production Line (Hereinafter referred to as Welding Line in this agreement) to the Buyer. Welding Line being sold by Seller under this agreement is manufactured by the Manufacturer at his factory located on the above address (I c above).

A]Technical Specifications of the Welding Line:


  1. Description of Welding Line: Welding Lines manufactured by the Manufacturer are completely as per their own Design and Technology, possessing full and valid rights to manufacture and sell these Lines in China and Overseas and with no infringement of IP Rights of any other party in anyway. One Welding Line comprises of
  2. i)One Main Machine duly painted, completely Tooled up, Powered and with Control and Console of type DG4-320KW/NC.
  3. ii) One Automatic feeding rack with random stepping of type DG-60/150NC-H.

            iii) Two Front and rear movable plate welding die for model: “Edge Pro”, variant: “240L” as per

            drawing shared on 27/12/2017.

iv)TwoWire drawing magnetic suction plate for model: “Edge Pro”, variant: “240L” as per

Drawing shared on 27/12/2017.

      v) Eight pieces of Chromium zirconium copper electrode welding plate for model: “Edge Pro”,                        

variant: “240L” as per drawing shared on 27/12/2017. (+ One spare set).

Model Number of Welding Machine: Manufacturer has named the model number of Welding Machine Line being sold under this Purchase Agreement as DG4-320KW/NC.


  1. Technical and Performance Details of DG4-320KW/NCWelding Line:

1. Main Technical Features

  1. Input Voltage:Three-phase 415V ±10%, 50HZ
  2. output no-load voltage:14.1V
  3. output current:23KA
  4. short-circuit current:40KA
  5. load duration:50%
  6. cooling water flow: 60 LPM
  7. electrode pressure:628KG
  8. welding ability:ø4.76mm tube + ø1.5mm steel wire: 30 pairs
  9. air pressure:0.5-0.8Mpa/cm2
  10. overall size:2300X800X1800 (W*L*H) (in mm)
  11. Equipment weight:~2000KG


Welding parameter

1.Set the number of working electrodes 1- 4

2. Setting electrode welding sequence

3.1~4 sets of welding preheating current setting value 100~4400A

4. 1~4 sets of welding small current setting value 100~4400 A

5. 1~4 sets of welding high current setting value 100~4400 A

6. Welding sequence time setting value of 1 ~ group

Preloading 0~1.99S

Preheat 0~1.999S

welding O~1.999S

Holding pressure 0~1.99S

Repose 0~1.99S

7. 1~4Cylinder down delay 0~1.99S

8. 1~4Cylinder down delay 0~1.99S

9. Manual welding parameter setting (or repair welding) function Yes

10.Overheating, overload, protection Yes

11. Storage of product parameter groups 50groups


Technical specification for servo stepping feeding mechanism (DG-60/150NC-H)

1. Effective Welding Widtth ≤600mm

2. Welding stroke ≤1500mm

3.Feed step ≤150

4.Step spacing ≥1mm

5.Feeding speed 0~300mm/S

6.Contour size 1000X6000X850(W*L*H)

Specification for steam stripping technology (DG-60/150NC-H)

1. Maximum product specification 600mmX1500mm

2.Maximum stripping output 500KG

3. Stripping ejection stroke 50mm




Brand (generic configuration)










Domestic famous





Wuxi xinje



Touch display


Wuxi xinje



Contactor, switch, button





servo motor





servo drive reducer





Stepping belt





IGBT high frequency power supply model


The factory



High frequency water cooling welding transformer


The factory






2) Technical Documents to be provided along with Welding Line

i)Electrical System: The final version of the Electrical System Schematic.

ii)Details of Frequency converter, Servo Controller, etc.

iii) Certificate of Operation

iv) PLC, touch screen system program will not be provided by Manufacturer being their technical secret

v)instructionManual for Daily use, Periodic Inspection Schedule for the complete welding Line, Regular Maintenance requirements, Control System Diagram, Circuit Diagram, Lubrication System, Cooling System


B] Warranty:

Manufacturer gives a comprehensive Warranty of One Year (365 Days) on the Welding Line from the date of successful installation and commissions in India. During this period Manufacturer will at Buyer’s site in India, promptly Replace, Repair, Free of Cost to the Buyer, any Part or Parts or Modules of the Welding Line for any defects arising out of deficiencies in design, material, manufacturing or assembly by the Manufacturer. Manufacturer also guarantees performance of the welding Lines in India to meet the requirements/specifications described in 1 above. Meeting the Cycle times and Productivity norms of 38.5 seconds/condenser for model: “Edge Pro”, variant: “240L” as per drawing shared on 27/12/2017, is a key requirement which Manufacturer commits and guarantees to fulfill.


C] Post Warranty Support:

Manufacturer commits to extend to Buyer all the technical support and inputs from time to time all the time, even beyond the Warranty period to troubleshoot and solve/fix issues in usage or performance of welding Line at Buyer’s end. Manufacturer also commits to provide from time to time at reasonable cost, any spares or parts required by the Buyer

Seller undertakes and confirms to coordinate with Manufacturer on all such related matters from time to time and promptly for extending good after sale service to the Buyer


D] Delivery Commitment

Seller and Manufacturer hereby confirm to keep one welding Line with Spares, ready for Trial at the above mentioned address of Manufacturer.


E] Trial:

Seller will confirm dates for trial of the machine 15 days in advance so as to make travel arrangements and complete visa formalities. Seller and Manufacturer hereby confirm to Buyer that they will arrange at their cost tube and wire, as per drawing which will be shared shortly, for 100 pieces to conduct Trial of complete welding Line in the personal presence of Buyer’s representatives at Manufacturers Plant on dates confirmed by the seller. Trial will be done with an objective to establish smooth function of the entire welding Line as per Performance parameters and features. If the Trial is Successful, Buyer’s authorized representative will issue a Certificate to Seller confirming the same, soon after the Trial

If the welding Line and or the material required for Trial is not arranged by the Manufacturer by the above agreed dates (+1 Day), then Seller and Manufacturer together agree to pay to the Buyer entire cost of travel and stay for two persons sent by them from India to Manufacturer’s plant for Trial

In case of any deficiency or nonperformance noticed during the Trial by the Buyer’s representative, Seller and Manufacturer undertake and commit to rectify the same within a period of two weeks from the date of report issued by Buyer on Trial. Seller and Manufacturer confirm to call back