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High Speed Wire Cutting Machine

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Technical specification for ZYJ-150 type high speed wire feeder

一、technical requirement

1、Cutting Diameter of wire:1.5mm-2.0mm。

2、Cutting length range:100mm-5000mm

3、Cutting speed (max):350/min。

4、Line speed (max):120m/min。

5、Cutting accuracy: ± 0.5mm, equipment acceleration,deceleration except.

6、Wire material: ordinary carbon steel wire.

7、Details of the main electrical components of the equipment (type, brand): motion controller DELTAservo, East yuan, Hua Da, touch screen KINCO (Bu Ke) OMRON.

8、Dimensions: 1700 x 750 x 1350 (L * w * h mm) - discharge rack, receiving box (customer made)

9、Action sequence: manual threading: manual adjustable loose encoding round handwheel, press

manual threading button, steel wire wheel, shaft alignment along the front wheel, the line wheel,

encoding evacuation into the cutter position, manual tightening encoding wheel wheel.

Automatic preset length, speed, and other parameters, press the start button, the device

automatically run.

二、control section

1、Feeding, cutting knife with Hua Da, Dong Yuan servo motor drive, straightening using variable

frequency drive.

2、The 7 Inch Touch screen, setting, cutting length, straightening shaft speed, speed, and other

Control parameters.

3、Set the automatic stop protection function. Automatic shutdown protection.

三、Mechanical part

1、Rack using 80*80 square tube welding.

2、Feed servo adopts synchronous belt + gear drive.

3、The straightening die is made of high quality alloy mould, and the bearing seat is cooled bywater.

4、Cutter (Cr steel) part of the use of Taiwan TBI guide and slider.

5、The machine body set up the necessary safety protection measures, theprotection of the line partof Party A.

Technical document

1、The final version of the electrical system schematic.

2、Frequency converter, servo controller, etc..

3、Certificate of operation.

4、PLC, touch screen system program does not provide.

After sales service and acceptance:

1、The equipment by both parties after the final acceptance of the factory, the

warranty period of one year, the warranty period, in addition to human factors and the

cause of the damage caused by free maintenance.

2、Provide technical support to maintenance team after the warranty expires.

3、Party B shall provide instructions for use, daily / periodic inspection of equipment,

regular maintenance requirements, control system diagram, circuit diagram,lubricationsystem, etc..

4、Equipment must have a clear safety protection and labeling; (such as: attention to

injury, injury, burns, electric shock, fan steering, etc.)

5, included input feeding and out put collections. As visited to see in

manufacture factory. And one blade for spares.