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Stainless Steel Pipe Inner Wall Polishing Machine

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Technical Specification Agreement

SS pipe Type of machine: -Multiple (3pcs) Fully Automatic Inside Polishing M/C.

  1. Pipe size :-ID DIA 25mm to ID DIA 114mm
  2. Pipe length: Minimum -2m to Maximum 7m.
  3. Polishing speed -60pcs/hour- 3000RPM
  4. Polishing head -6PCS
  5. Total power -21KW
  6. Power supplies -415V/50HZ/3Ph- A.C.
  7. Grit -60 to 800 # 60-800
  8. Polishing Roughness:-0.25 to 0.30(um)
  9. Mandrill rod:6Nos. 18mm DIA X 4.2mMeter long

 6Nos.32mm DIA X 4.2mmeter long

  1. Polishing wheel:12nos. Req. For 1” ID X 16 SWG & 1.5” ID X16 SWG (6nos each required)

25.4 X16SWG38.1 X6SWG

  1. M/C floor Area -16 M X2.7M X1.8M
  2. Layout drawing, M/C foundation drawing, Electrical wiring, Panel Diagram. And air line drawing provide by you.
  3. Operating & Maintains manual required with machine
  4. Required tool kit set.
  5. M/C weight total– Approximate 4 tone.
  6. A. All the technical parameters should full fill by MFRS. As per given in your Last quotation by mail.
  7. Machine dispatch. After inspection by our technical person at your works.
  8. Compressor 4kw as per attached photo complete with gas (air) storage tank.
  9. Supplier must supply the all-mechanical& electrical parts properly. Any wrong & short supply will be under suppliers scope with free transportation, courier and duty charges from supplier has to bear the cost.

Anyessential parts requirement which supplier has not suggested during 

  1. discussion, while commissioning the machine at our end requirement accur the same should be under supplier cost.


  1.  Machine color required blue. (We provide shed card or you provide shed card.)
  2. Errection, commissioning and trial – training given by you at China to our engineer at manufacturer factory.