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Laser Tube Cutting Machine

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ZYJ 6020T-1000W Fiber Laser Tube Cutter

Products are widely used in sheet metal, hardware components, kitchenware, metal crafts, steel, automobiles, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, * rail transit, construction machinery, food machinery, textile machinery, air conditioning manufacturing, elevators, construction machinery, environmental protection machinery, advertising decoration and other industries


Machine Configuration And Parameters

Pipe cutting device 1. Automatic feeding, high precision automatic center chuck 10-165mm clamping range 2. Precision rack drive feeding, import servo motor control 3. Various round, square, triangular, special-shaped pipe automatic pipe cutting

The single-mode continuous-wave fiber laser of Wuhan Reike Fiber Laser adopts water-cooling mode. It has the characteristics of high power, ideal beam quality, maintenance-free and high electro-optic conversion efficiency. It can be used for cutting, welding and drilling of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and copper, and in sheet metal cutting, hardware processing and household appliances manufacturing. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing and other fields. Small size, light weight, easy to move; easy integration; high power, excellent beam quality; low energy consumption; good stability; suitable for different applications; simple operation; no spare parts requirements, maintenance-free.

The Swiss Raytools laser cutting head is suitable for integration in small and medium-sized platform cutting machines. It can cut the thickness with the best cutting quality. Combined with servo motor driving mechanism, the distance between the metal surface being cut is sensed by automatic sensor, and the data is transmitted to the driving controller. The distance between the laser head and the surface of the cutting plate can be kept constant automatically, so as to avoid the reduction of cutting accuracy caused by the uneven surface of the metal surface, and to avoid damaging the nozzle, etc. Device.

Japanese Onagawa servo motor driver 1 day, Onagawa servo system to ensure accurate positioning and optimal acceleration dynamic response, which makes the automatic positioning mechanism run smoothly, reliably, maintenance-free; 2.X, Y, Z axis drive; 3. ultra-low vibration, more accurate.

German Henryan Herion gear rack drive 1. Grinding level, fast speed, high accuracy, strong reliability to ensure long-term smooth operation. 2. helical gear, rack movement, bilateral drive.Taiwan's HIWIN linear square rail has higher speed, lower noise volume, and ensures high accuracy and long service life.

Hanli High Performance Cooling System uses high performance professional chillers, high quality titanium evaporator tubes (stainless steel plate evaporator is a non-standard product), circulating multi-stage pumps and stainless steel materials. High quality, high efficiency and low noise performance can be achieved through the use of filters and thermal expansion valves. The turbine flow switch can be used to control the cooling water temperature of the laser lamp.

Cypcut operating system of Shanghai Baichu supports all AutoCAD and drawing software 1. Professional cutting software supports cutting path, PLT and other graphics formats in dxf. It can set cutting parameters in different layers, and combine lines to ensure automatic joining of splicing nodes. 2., it has a good man-machine interface. Menu operation is simple and easy to learn.

MOTOREDUCER reducer in France has high performance, wide application, high rigidity, high efficiency, low noise and low backlash.



Smoke exhaust system, reduce smoke and dust, green environmental protection


High-strength smoke and dust removal system ensures that the equipment runs in a clean working environment, prolongs the protection of lens, copper nozzle and other vulnerable parts, and ensures the cutting effect. Ensure operator safety


Technical Parameter

Product model


Processing amplitude


Maximum idle speed


Cutting precision


Repetitive positioning accuracy


Minimum line width


output power


Laser wavelength


Input power supply


Cooling system

Water cooler


Cutting Parameter Table



Cutting thicknessmm

Recommended cutting speedm/min

Auxiliary gas





Carbon Steel






Stainless Steel



Oxygen / nitrogen




Cutting sample

Working environment requirements

1.The ambient temperature is between 15-30 degrees Celsius.

2.The humidity requirement is 40%-80% without condensation.

3.Power supply network requirements: 380V, 50Hz/100A or 220V

4.Power grid fluctuations: 5%, the grid grounding line in line with international requirements. Automatic voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing devices should be installed in areas with voltage amplitude above 5%.

5.Power ground resistance: less than 4 ohms.

6.There should be no strong electromagnetic interference near the installation equipment. There is no radio transmitting station or relay station around the installation area.

7.Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. Avoid a large number of stamping machines and other equipment nearby.

8.. Air pressure: 86-106kpa.

9.Equipment space required to ensure smoke-free, avoid metal polishing, grinding and other serious dust in the working environment.

10. An anti-static floor must be installed to connect the shielded wire.

11. The quality of working cooling water is strict, and pure water, deionized water or distilled water must be used.

12.From the date of acceptance of the equipment, the laser will be guaranteed free of charge within 24 months, and the whole machine will be guaranteed free of charge for 12 months (excluding vulnerable parts). During this period, our company will solve any quality problems arising from the product quality itself free of charge (including replacement of accessories).