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Angle Cutting Band Saw Machines

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4235CNC automatic belt sawing machine


Horizontal CNC automatic belt sawing machine


Number:2 set

Purpose:Cutting of round steel, Fang Gang, steel pipe, etc.

Main technical parameters and performance indicators:

1、Maximum sawing range (W * H):400×350mm

2、Band saw blade specification (L * W * T):4700×34×1.1mm

3、Blade speeds:Three level  27  45  69m/min

4、Feed speed angle adjustment:Hydraulic stepless speed regulation

5、Power of main motor:4Kw

6、Hydraulic motor power:0.75Kw

7、Cooling water pump:40w

8、Main drive structure:turbine

9、Band saw blade tensioning method:Manual mediation

10、clamping system:Hydraulic pressure

11、Machine tools through mechanical, electrical, hydraulic cooperation, with automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic knife feeding, cutting sawing frame automatic rapid rise (that is, back knife) function

12、Reinforced adjustable tungsten steel gripper ensures sawing accuracy.

13、The length of feeding is detected and positioned by grating ruler, and the effective range 400mm is detected by grating ruler.

14、In the operating system, it is divided into manual and automatic operation, and the conversion is controlled by human-machine interface.

15、Fit protective cover to prevent flying saw and iron from hurting people.

16、Host size:2600×2200×1650mm

17、Random Accessories: 3 saw blades, 1 truck, 1 tool set, product certificate, instructions (two copies) and other related technical information.

18`、This machine has sawing 0 - 60 degree function rotary sawing.