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Disc Drawing Machine

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A.Production line equipment

  1. ZYJ 2.5T Wire reel 1set
  2. 2.ZYJ6/20way electric shelling straightener (used for traction straightening of straight line material and rough peeling of wire surface oxide skin)
  3. Equipment name and model

    ZYJ6/20way electric shell stripping straightener

    Power of wire feeding motor

    Bwy22-71-1.5kw (cycloidal pin wheel reducer, horizontal, speed ratio 1 / 71, equipped with vertical motor 1.5kw, 4 poles

    Downforce motor power

    Bly18-71-1.5kw (cycloid pinwheel reducer, vertical, speed ratio 1 / 71, equipped with horizontal motor 1.5kw, 4-pole

    Inlet diameter range



    3.ZYJ 6/20Profile steel brush polishing machine1SET 3 pairs of steel brush


    GSJ6/20Steel brush polishing machine

    Wire rod range


    Speed of derusting steel brush


    Motor power


    Steel brush



    4.ZYJ 6/20Boronizing machine1SET


PHJ6/20Boronizing machine

Wire rod range


Motor power


Heating mode

Heating tube, automatic constant temperature


This machine is used for the surface coating of boronized and on-line materials, which can protect and lubricate the surface of wire rod




Wire rod range


Motor power


Heating mode

Heating tube, automatic constant temperature


The function of this machine is to dry the wire after boronization and then draw.






1.1 Material: stainless steel wire, high, medium and low carbon steel wire, high-speed tool steel wire, alloy wire, spring steel wire, copper wire, etc

1.2 Wire rod specification:

1.2.1Maximum incoming diameter:φ20mm

1.2.2Disc weight: according to the weight of customer's materials

2.Equipment and product parameters

2.1Equipment type


2.2Device parameters

Reel diameter(mm)


Wire diameter(mm)


Stretching speed(m/min)


Drawing motor power(kw)


Take-up weight(kg)


Trolley cylinder travel(mm)


Motor power of trolley turntable(kw)



3. Structure overview

3.1 main machine: the winding drum installed on the rack is rotated by the AC motor through the gear reducer, and the speed of the motor is controlled by the AC converter to realize stepless speed regulation.

3.2 take-up trolley: the take-up trolley is equipped with a fall off device and a guide rail to let the trolley in and out.

3.3 electric control system: it is composed of AC frequency converter, contactor, operation panel, etc. This system uses AC frequency converter to control the current asynchronous motor. By changing the frequency of three-phase AC motor input power, the frequency converter makes the AC motor realize stepless speed regulation. It has good speed regulation characteristics, wide range, full protection function, small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance.

3.4 pneumatic system: it is composed of air cylinder, solenoid valve, air source triplet, etc. the system is controlled by the solenoid valve to compress the wire rod on the drum by the wire pressing roller on the air cylinder, so as to get off the line smoothly.

4. Process description

4.1 positioning of take-up trolley: jog the forward and backward buttons, and make the trolley in the middle position by pneumatic.

4.2 threading: the wire enters the drawing die box through the guide roller and straightening device and passes through the drawing die. The head of the wire is clamped by the chain and then pulled to the drum by inching.

4.3 wire drawing and winding up: start up after threading, gradually adjust the running speed to the required speed, then the wire can be wound up normally, and press the wire rod with the wire pressing roller.

4.4 stop the wire drawing machine and take-up trolley motor and start the air cylinder to automatically pull the trolley to replace the wire rack after one plate of material is collected.


5.3 Special accessory

5.4Electric control system 1set

6.Equipment handover point

Power supply: incoming terminal of power cabinet, 3-phase power supply, 380V, 50Hz Compressed air: pressure 0.6-0.8mpa, flow 0.25m3/min

Auxiliary equipment

1ZYJ 25Swing type tip mill1 SET


ZYJ 25Swing type tip mill1 SET

Roll diameter(mm)


Maximum rolling diameter(mm)


Minimum rolling diameter(mm)


Power of tip rolling motor(kw)


Power of swing motor(kw)




ZYJ 10/20Hydraulic straightening and cutting machine


Technical Specifications

1、Diameter of straightening bar:Round steel  10 --  20 mm

2、Automatic cutting length: minimum 50 mm, maximum 7000 mm (cutting length can be produced according to customer requirements)

3. Straightening speed: 25m / min

4. Shear length error: ± 0.1M m/m

5. Straightness of cut wire: ≤ 0.15m m/m

5. DC motor power: 37KW (with Huichuan inverter)

6. Hydraulic motor power: 5.5kw

7. Traction motor power: 7.5kW (with Huichuan brand frequency conversion speed regulation)

8. Gearbox model: ZQ350 (No.2) speed ratio 20.49:1