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Combines Drawing Machine

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一、technical parameter            

二、Equipment construction          

A1、Electric control cabinet        

A2、Wire rack, initial straightening machine                         

A3、Drawing host

A4、Fine straightening system 

A5、Hydraulic shearing machine           

A6、Guide frame    

A7、Polishing machine set, collecting device                    

三、Vulnerable parts    

一、technical parameter LLAL-6-A

  1. Max pull: 60kn
  2. Empty drawing speed: 5-60 M / min speed
  3. Processing materials and scope:Spar 4mm-13mm


Six corner material S4mm-S10mm

  1. machined  length : 2m-6m(±5mm)
  2. Surface roughness of finished products: Ra0.4um-Ra0.8um
  3. Product line degree: Bar≤0.5mm/m
  4. Product outside diameter tolerance: ±0.01mm
  5. Total unit power:110 KW
  6. main engine powe:75 KW
  7. Main power supply: three phase 380V/ 50 HZ
  8. pressure:6kg/cm2 ±1kg/ cm2
  9. Total unit weight:24T
  10. Exterior dimension:28M*2M*1.3M
  11. 二、Equipment construction

    A1、Electric control cabinet

    A1.1MITSUBISHI PLC (FX3GA-60MT+ module FX2N-2DA) - Japanese brands 1set

     A1.2Weinview touch screen (Taiwan)  1台

     A1.3 ParkerDC drive (US brand)    1台

    A1.4 ParKer-C3Servo controller (American brand)    1台

     A1.5Schneider (French brand), Delisi (domestic brands) accessories 1 sets

  12. A2、Wire rack, initial straightening machine

         A2.1Wire rack group

    (a)Hydraulic dump line rack.

        A2.2Horizontal Straightening set (center electric adjustable)

    (a)7 straightening wheels

         A2.3Vertical straightening set (center electric adjustable)

    (a)7 straightening wheels

         A2.4Feed power four roller pinch wheel

         A2.5Bearing brand: NSK

    A2.6Protective net

  13. A3、Drawing host


       A3.1Drawing seat main body     1个

     A3.2Main reducer and shaft coupling    1set

         A3.3 Double cam and main drive shaft   1set


         A3.4Drawing carriage and sliding rail 1set

         A3.51、die mold base, mold base in 1set (mold electric adjustable, operating position: 1, drawing the host position; 2, shearing machine)

         A3.6Lubricating station: 750W three phase electric pump 1 sets

         A3.7Wuxi pioneer DC motor 1 sets

    A3.8Bearing brand: NSK

         A3.9 Protective net          1group


    A4、Fine straightening system 

          A4.1Encoder device: the accuracy of length and measuring speed, to give the working signal to the hydraulic shearing machine.

    Encoder of the brand: internal control OVW2

         A4.2 Horizontal straightening unit (Center for electric power)

    (a)9 straightening wheels

         A4.3 Vertical straightening unit (Center for electric power)

    (a)9 straightening wheels



    A4.4 Protective net              1group

    A4.5Bearing brand: NSK




    A5、Hydraulic shearing machine   


         A5.1Clamping device        1group

         A5.2Shear carriage device     1group

    A5.3Cut off mechanism (wearing parts)1group

         A5.4Length measuring device     1group

    A5.5servo motor          1group

         A5.6Hydraulic station           1group

         A5.7Bearing brand: NSK





    A6、 Guide frame


         A6.1Catheter group: 1group

         A6.2Bracket: 3group







    A7、Polishing machine set, collecting device  


    A7.1 Polishing machine        1group

         A7.2 straightening cylinder, 4 and 4 Blade     1group

         A7.3 Oil shield   1group







         A7.4 Output conduit        1group

         A7.5 High precision rolling bearing 1group

         A7.6Motor:15KW     1SET

         A7.7Collecting rack    1group

    A7.8Bearing brand: FAG (Germany)








    三、Vulnerable parts

           1、Random fixture 24

    Round bar:φ4-φ6/φ10-φ13;φ8-φ10/6-φ8 4

    Square bar:H4-6/6-9 4

    Six angle bar:S4-S5.5/S8.5-S10;S6.5-S8/S5.5-S6.5 4

          2、Random scissors: 24PC

    Round bar: φ5/φ6/φ7/φ8/φ9/φ10/φ11/φ12/φ13/φ14/φ15 1PC

    Square bar: H5*H5/H6*H6/H7*H7/H8*H8/H9*H9/H10*H10 1PC

    Six angle bar:S5/ S6/S7/S8/S9/S10/S11  1PC

          3、Random polishing disc    4PC









    4、Random straightening tube    7PC

          5、Random Guide (blade)  20PC(130*40*2.5/3/4.5/5.5/7 4PC)

          6、8 pieces of random polishing machine blade holder:L=7、9、12、15 2PC

          7、Random straightening wheel (primary and fine)     32PC

    Quoted price

    1、Electric control cabinet        

    2、Wire rack, initial straightening machine                         

    3、Drawing host

    4、Fine straightening system 

    5、Hydraulic shearing machine           

    6、Guide frame    

    7、Polishing machine set, collecting device