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Fin Tube Machine

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performance, simple operation, one-time forming of internal thread of external fin, and The high efficiency tube fin machine has the advantages of compact structure, stable rolling of different specifications of metal fin tube by adjustment.

Fin tube machine


Material pipe

copper pipe, copper alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe.

Main motor

7.5kw 960rpm, 415V (variable frequency adjustable).

Rolling speed

0.8 - 1.5m/min

Fin diameter


Fin tube fin requirements

copper tube 19f-60f / inch

Outer fin height (mm):


fin tube length (mm)


Number of internal thread teeth

8-60 (60 teeth only for copper tube)

Compressed air consumption and pressure

0.2m3/h 0.4-0.8mpa

Equipment size

21000mm x 1300mm x 1150mm

 (length x width x height)

Equipment power supply

415V 50Hz 3-phase