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U-Tube Bending Machine

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The above following features.

  • PLC–mitsubishi..
  • Text display –CECT
  • Other components ( General Elec)- Schneider/ Siemens.
  • 13m long leg length.
  • Core pulling platform.
  • Motors and cantilever ( boom) .
  • To accommodate conical dies and flat dies.
  • Charging table 30m long.
  • Hydraulic power pack with necessary controls.
  • Bending mandrel –and clamping device.
  • Material to be bent : carbon , alloy & stainless steel, Duplex. Titanium alloy & super alloys.
  • Tolerance : 1) on Radius <300mm<=0.5mm
  • >300mm<=1.0mm
  •           2) Wall thickness thinning : max 8%
  •           3) Ovality : 5% max.


2. tooling to suit above machine for 19.00 mm OD tubes:

2.1 Cone to be designed for following Radii

  • R 190 to R 300mm
  • R 300 to R 400mm
  • R 400 to R 500mm
  • R 490 to R 600mm
  • R 600 to R 830mm
  • R 800 to R 1044mm

2.2 Individual Dies:

Individual dies for OD 19.00 X 1.1 mm to be designed for following radii

  1. 91mm 2) 104mm 3)117mm 4) 130mm 5)143mm6)156mm 7)169mm 8) 182mm 9) 195mm.

Note: Supplier shall provide drawings for the above sizes.


2.3 Construction of conical die:

It should be either steel casting or steel fabricatod structure, capable of with standing bending forces of highest strength material 120kg/mm2 ten tensile strength of tube material. Also the surface should be hard chrome or treated suitable to avoid corrosion to the out side surface. Proper clamping design to be provided to hold the tube rigidly during bending.


The following size clamps to be supplied along with the conical dies Φ12.7, Φ15.875, Φ19.05, Φ25.4& WT: 0.5-3.5mm. Supplier shall provided drawings for CONICAL DIES.


To be suitable designed to accommodate spring back of super alloys inconloy 800H. Purchaser shall send sample tubes in above grade to bend at supplier end to establish spring quality of bend before despatch of the equipment.



Electrical supply shall be provided at single point by the purchaser .All other connecting, cabling etc.on the m/c &its auxiliaries to be provided by the supplier.

3.1) VOLTAGE-415V3ph 50Hz cycle

3.2) Compressed air shall be provided at 6 bars.

3.3) Cooling water point (general purpose)if required shall be provided .

3.4) All hydraulics and specific cooling required shall be provided by the supplier of


3.5) All civil works are in purchasers scope and supplier shall provide drawings.

3.6) Capacity -200-300 bends/shaft

4) Operational & Maintenance Manual in English language shall be provided. Details of bought our items shall be provided by the supplier.