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PE Packaging Machine

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The machine adopts foreign advanced technology, and the whole machine is equipped with Omron Control system, so that the process of product packaging can be accurate and stable.

This machine has the function of automatically collecting, stacking, wrapping film, dissolving and body-fitted heat shrinkable packaging for single package. The articles packaged by this machine are intuitive, easy to transport and low in cost.

This machine is widely used in medicine, food, beverage, cultural goods, daily necessities, cosmetics, hardware tools, electronic products and other items of packaging. The temperature is controlled by the automatic temperature regulator, and the energy is saved efficiently. Widely used in food, barreled beverage, medicine, daily chemical, hardware, wood products, cultural supplies, printing products, plastic products, glass products, electronic components and other products of a single, set or combination packaging. Shrinkage packaged products are not only beautiful and generous, save packaging costs, but also can be combined with promotional packaging. At the same time, they are sealed, dustproof, moisture-proof and theft-proof.

Note: special specifications (non-standard) models can be designed by users.


This machine imports advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad and is refined meticulously. It is the preferred equipment for external packaging of infusion and beverage at present.

1.  Collective packaging can save labor, packaging materials and reduce costs.

2.  It is not necessary to use cartons to cushion the bottom of this product.

3. Special transfer structure to avoid bottle damage.

4. The sealing device is provided with a protective device to effectively prevent the wrong package from being cut.

5.The leading cold cutting technology has reduced energy consumption and beautiful products.

6.The unique thermal cycling system saves energy and makes the shrinkage more firm and beautiful.

7. The mesh belt conveying structure can be thoroughly corrected to ensure the good appearance of the product.

Scope of application:

Single or multi-row collective packaging of canned food, cosmetics, bottles and cans, daily necessities, plastic bottles and cans, large infusion bottles, beverages, etc.


Sealing machine parameters:







Total power




Packaging capacity

 20-30Packet / minute

Maximum packing size

 L 900mm*H 200mm

Packing height

200 mm



Shape size


Shrinking machine parameters:






Total power




Reheating furnace dimensions

1400 X700 X280

Outer size

2500 X 960 X 1400

Transport speed





1、Cylinder:Adeko Taiwan

2、motor:Maili China Brand

3、Photoelectric switch:Omron Germany

4、 Intermediate relay :Omron Germany

5、Digital Display Meter (Temperature Controller):Xinpu

6、Time relay:Xinling Taiwan Joint Venture    

7、Indicator light switch for other small appliances:Two branches of China

8、The micro switch:Omron Germany

9、Sealing cutter:Teflon Sprayed Superalloy Steel China

10. main board:Baochuan Independent Research and Development

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