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Rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day


We all live inside a bubble, right?

This is our world

we go to church here, we work over here


We go get our coffee over here

This is our favorite club

This is our world

This is our favorite spot on the beach


We all live in this bubble

What you gotta do

To get the life that god want you to have

You gotta put more air in your bubble

You got to blow your bubble up

Expand yourself

Take yourself out your comfort zone

Do not live in your bubble

Put some more air in your bubble

What make you comfortable can ruin you

What makes you uncomfortable

Is the only way to grow

Let me say that again

What makes you comfortable can ruin you

And only in a state of discomfort

Can you continually grow

Just because it feels uncomfortable


Doesn’t mean it’s not good

If you stay in your comfort zone

That’s where you will fail

You will fail in your comfort zone

Success is not a comfortable procedure

It is a very uncomfortable thing to attempt

It is consequences that you pay

To constantly you seeking comfort

And avoiding discomfort and avoiding hard work

And those consequences are you’re never gonnafeel self-realized

And you’re never gonna feel like youaccomplished anything

But if you are sit in this room

And you have extraordinary aspirations


Then you will have to do extra

Difficulty and struggle


And the ability to push through that, is amuscle

And you develop that muscle by doing it

And once you do you develop a lot of selfsatisfaction

And you develop peace of mind, and you……


You understand that you can overcome obstacles

If you don’t have to overcome obstacles


You never know wether or not you can

You put extra on top of ordinary

And you come out with extraordinary

It’s no other way


I’m sorry! But here is the fact

All of you have extraordinary capabilities


All of you

You have to decide

If you are willing to do the things

To put you in that category


Rich people don’t sleep eight hours a day

That’s a third of your life

It aint over 24 hours in a day

You cannot be sleep eight hours a day

You can’t live in L.A

And wake up at eight O’clock in the morning

It’s eleven O’clock on the east coast

The stock market’s been open two hours

They already making decisions about yourlife

And you was sleep


The bible says, he who loves to sleep

And the folding of hands

Poverty will set upon you like a thief inthe night